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SQLTools 1.4.1 build 48 Beta

Build 47 is not available (see below why).

Bug fix release:

  • "Object List"/"Object Tree" small issues with cancellation of ddl loading
  • DDL reengineering: trigger/views group operation bug (introduced in build 47)

SQLTools 1.4.1 build 48 Beta - If you need a little faster executable (compiler optimization is on).


SQLTools 1.4.1 build 47 Beta

I'm focussing on fixing bugs, which were reported recently.

Bug fix release:

  • DDL reengineering: 64K limit for trigger increased to 512K
  • DDL reengineering: 64K limit for view increased to 512K
  • DDL reengineering: Oracle Server 8.0.5 support (tables, indexes)
  • suppressed bug-reporting for oracle errors on grid fetching
  • some fixes in general exception handling

SQLTools 1.4.1 build 47 Beta - If you need a little faster executable (compiler optimization is on).


SQLTools 1.4.1 build 46 Beta
SQLTools 1.4.1 build 46 Beta (optimized for troubleshooting)

Bug fix release:

  • Some fixes in diagnostics and bug-reporting, partial support for Win98/WinME
  • "Object List" error handling changed to avoid paranoiac bug-reporting
  • Lock/open/save file error handling changed to avoid paranoiac bug-reporting


SQLTools 1.4.1 build 45 Beta. I introduced a new bug-reporting procedure in this build so I cannot say that's a stable build. But I really had to do it because there is at least one fatal bug which I couldn't track down.

Bug-reporting currently works only on WinXP, W2K and NT4 (it does not work on Win98 and I 'm not sure about WinMe). The program size is bigger then for the previous build because optimization is disabled for clear stack tracing. I'll provide the same build with optimization later.


Following bugs have been fixed:

  • Ctrl+End causes unknown exception in data grid if query result is empty
  • Explain plan result may contain duplicated records if you press F9 too fast
  • Explain plan table is not cleared after fetching result
  • CreareAs property is ignored for ddl scripts (always in Unix format)


SQLTools 1.4.1 build 44 Beta. Improvements:

  • SQL History persistence (it should be enabled in History settings)
  • PERL support (language.dat and settings.dat has to be replaced for activation)

Following bugs have been fixed:

  • Table transformer helper generates unique name only once
  • Substitution error and Cancel window problem
  • When using Ctrl +F12 (Load DDL Script) on a table name, only index script is loaded, not table creation script. It happens only when index name is identical to table name.
  • Handling unregular eol, e.c. single '\n' for MSDOS files


OpenEditor 0.97 Beta build 64. It's a maintenance release with a few bug fixes and experimental PERL support.


SQLTools 1.4.1 build 41 Beta. Bug fix release. Following bug has been fixed:

  • shortcut F1 has been disabled until sqltools help can be worked out
  • missing public keyword for public synonyms
  • Unexpected exception: "OCI8::BlobVar::GetString(): String buffer overflow!"


SQLTools 1.4.1 build 40 Beta. Bug fix release. Following bug has been fixed:

  • continuous exception "Invalid vector subscript" on query which returns no records, it happens only if grid inplace editor is activated



After two week's searching, I have tracked down a very serious bug in release 1.4.1 (releases 1.3.5 and 1.4 are not affected). The problem can be easily reproducible. Take a look on the following sample:

-- Execute the statement
-- Go to data grid and press F2 or double click on any data cell
-- Execute the statement
SELECT * FROM dual WHERE 0 = 1; 

The following reaction is continuous beep and an alert box with "invalid vector<T> subscript". There is no way stopping it and the application has to be killed.

The fix will be available very soon.


SQLTools 1.4.1 build 39 Beta. Again bug fix release :(

Following bugs have been fixed:

  • "Invalid vector subscript" happened again, some diagnostics improvement and protection against infinite exception loop
  • missing new line characters for procedure/function/package code


SQLTools 1.4.1 build 38 Beta. Bug fix release:

Following bugs have been fixed:

  • wrong order of html tags for html export
  • "Invalid vector subscript" happens continually if a query returns error during fetching the first portion of records
  • file extension is not recognized properly if it's shorter then 3 chars - quote character in comments for table/view DDL
  • Cancel window does not work properly on Load DDL
  • missing public keyword for public database links


  • type and uniqueness have been added to index description in "Object Viewer"

Hopefully the next build will be available soon and sql history will be completed.


There is nothing new because I'm unsuccessfully trying to fix a couple of bugs. Maybe I'll fix them and implement sql history persistence to the end of week.


I've removed SQLTools 1.4.1 build 36 Beta because it has the serious bug (see the previous post). I recommend to install build 37 if you still use build 36.

SQLTools 1.4.1 build 37 Beta



  • a new option for cancel query window - it can be topmost

Following bugs have been fixed:

  • the serious bug since the previous build, a procedure/function/package code line can be truncated if its length > 128
  • multiple occurences of PUBLIC in "Schema" list ("Object List" window)
  • any sql statement which is executed after cancelation will be also canceled
  • multiple typos in menus, hints and dialogs
  • workaround for oracle 8.1.6, removed trailing '0' for long columns and trigger text
  • html export does not handle empty strings (with spaces) properly
  • export settings do not affect on quick html/csv viewer launch



SQLTools 1.4.1 build 36 Beta


  • open grid data with default html and csv viewers (see gred toolbar)

Following bugs have been fixed:

  • goto the last record does not fetch all rows
  • clob fields have extra 0 character


I've create a new e-mail account because of spam. I'll change it from time to time but my previous e-mail will always be available for several weeks after that.


SQLTools 1.4.1 build 35 Beta

It's the first Beta build for 1.4.1 release.
Major improvements since 1.4 release:

  • OCI8 instead of OCI7 and as result some related features which were not be available for OCI7 (for example connect as sysdba)
  • SQL Window redesign and SQL History pane

Probably I'll launch several 1.4.1 releases with small improvement and fixes and then 1.4.2 Alpha.

Do not install this build in Alpha release folder because in this case Windows "Add or Remove Programs" will have 2 entries for your installation. This build has to be installed either in 1.4 Beta folder or a new location.


SQLTools 1.4.1 build 34 Alpha. 8.0.X compatibility problem has been resolved. Small fixes.


SQLTools 1.4.1 build 33 Alpha. It's hot fixes for reported bugs. Thanks for testing.


SQLTools 1.4.1 build 32 Alpha. "Cancel query" is available. Several fixes for grid and history settings. The next build will have Beta status (probably next Monday). I'm going to slightly improve this release and start a new one.


SQLTools 1.4.1 build 31 Alpha. History is mostly done. One last step to Beta is "Cancel query" - will be completed soon.


SQLTools 1.4.1 build 29 Alpha. Again not so much as expected :(. I spent too much time to fix a very stupid bug - SQLTools crashes if a query returns ANYDATA and XMLTYPE (actually any user defined type).


SQLTools 1.4.1 build 27 Alpha. Small impovements and fixes.


SQLTools 1.4.1 build 25 Alpha. SQLTools 141 is still under development. Unfortunately "History" is not done yet. I'm completely rewiring database access and a data grid. Honestly I did not touch SQLTools for a month, but I'm coming back and going to get Beta build this month. If you find any bugs or performance problem in data access/data grid/data export let me know pls. I'm not oracle developer anymore so I need your help in testing process.

141 known problems/bugs:

  • SQLTools crashes (Client9i) if a query returns ANYDATA and XMLTYPE. I believe it's OCI9 bug because I skip these types (it works for OCI8), but anyway I have to find a workaround for this problem.
  • TIMESTAMP is not supported

I'm going to change my e-mail address soon because of a lot of spam. Probably my old address will still be available for anybody who has sent e-mail for last year but for new contacts please check this site for a new address.


OpenEditor 0.97 Beta build 61. A small improvement, editor creates a new file on an attempt to open a nonexistent file (command line only).
A new SQLTools build is not done. I haven't completed "History" yet because my Grid control does not have some functionality so I spent a lot of time to improve it and maybe it's also one more step to Updatable Grid.


SQLTools 1.4.1 build 21 Alpha. Improvements:

  • safety is a new connection property (none, confirmation required (not implemented yet), read-only)
  • connection control bar
  • connection string in application title while application is minimized

Guys, what your opinion - do you need "confirmation required" option? Probably I'll finish "History" this week.


OpenEditor 097 and SQLTools 141 have been updated (no significant changes).


SQLTools 1.4 build 32 Beta . Maintenance:

  • PUBLIC in Schemas of ObjectList (w/o filter it's not so good but I'll improve it in 141)
  • Bug fix: "Open In Editor" fails on comma/tab delimited formats

SQLTools 1.4.1 build 19 Alpha. OCI 8.0.X compatibility.


CheckOCI.ZIP (scr & exe). This program checks availability of some OCI functions which are required for SQLTools 141.

17.06.2003, 19.06.2003

SQLTools 1.4.1 build 18 Alpha.

More significant changes: OCI8 layer, connect as sysdba/sysoper, clob/blob/bfile support (named types support is not implemented yet). Query cancel is temporarily suppressed. There are no improvement in user interface/functionality :(.

Guys, if you have some time please try it and let me know about bugs/problems. The installation folder is different from SQLTools 1.4 and it will be safe to install/uninstall this alpha build. Don't test this build on production db!


SQLTools 1.4 build 30 Beta . Improvements:

  • output/error positions is based on internal line IDs and more stable on editing text above the original line
  • thousand delimiters for cost, cardinality and bytes in Explain Plan viewer

Probably EXPLAIN PLAN fix will be done in 141 only.


SQLTools 1.4 build 29 Beta . Bug fix release:

  • unknown exception if Oracle client is not installed or not included in PATH
  • export in file does not work on NT4
  • wrong xml substitution for special characters
  • "Open In Editor" does not set document type
  • sql find match fails on select/insert/... if there is no ending ';'
  • "Other Keywords" has been added to "PL/SQL" (about 150 missed and optional keywords)
  • Find/Replace dialog: a replace mode depends on a search direction
  • Find/Replace dialog: "Transform backslash expressions" has been added to handle \t\b\ddd...
  • selection may still be out of visible text after undo
  • no file name on "Save As" or "Save" for a new file

Output improvement (bookmarks for errors) and EXPLAIN PLAN fix will be available in 1-2 days.


OpenEditor 0.97 Beta build 59. Bug fix build (see History.txt for fixed bugs).
SQLTools 14 bug fix build will be available soon.


SQLTools 1.4 build 28 Beta . Bug fix release:

  • DDL reengendering fails on Oracle9i with UTF8

Small improvements:

  • SQR language support has been improved (match for begin-setup/end-setup, ...) .
  • C++ language support has been improved (match for #if/#else/#endif).
  • Installer has been updated.


SQLTools compatibility problem has been reported. DDL reverse engineering fails on UTF8 databases (actually with any multibyte character set) because old OCI7 does not indicate data truncation in this case. A line of a package/procedure text is truncated if it's longer then 128 characters. This problem can affect on table DDL also :(.

I'll fix this bug this week.


OpenEditor 0.97 Beta build 57. Bug fix release:

  • The program fails to open multiple file selection in Open dialog
  • "Save all" command is not silent since "Save all on exit" dialog was created
  • Attempt to open File dialog for a specified folder in File explorer fails if any file already open from another location
  • Editor context menu position is wrong on Shift+F10
  • No menu shortcut labels on Win95,... because of SDK incompatibility

Basic SQR support has been added.


SQLTools 1.4 build 26 Beta . Bug fix release:

  • DDL reengendering fails if reserved words used as object/column name
  • Some oracle 9i privilege are not supported
  • No menu shortcut labels on Win95,... because of SDK incompatibility


The following pages have been updated:


SQLTools 1.4 build 25 Beta . It's the first beta build. This release will not be changed - I just will fix known bugs and update description/documentation (I have not updated it yet). The latest changes are command line support (SQLTools /h for help) and basic support for SQR language.

The next 1.4.1 will start next week.


I forgot to add a new file in SQLTools b22 setup. You can download schemaddl.dat and put it in SQLTools.../data folder.


SQLTools 1.4 Alpha build 22 (see bugs.txt & history.txt for information about fixed and know bugs - you can find them in the program folder or menu group) and OpenEditor 0.97 Beta build 55. SQLTools 1.4 build 22 is last which has Alpha status, the next build will be Beta.


bug fix, multimonitor support & NT 4. SQLTools 1.4 Alpha build 16 (see bugs.txt for information about fixed and know bugs) and OpenEditor 0.97 Beta build 52.


it does not work on NT 4.0!!! - please wait I'll fix it today.

Bug fix releases. SQLTools 1.4 Alpha build 15 (see bugs.txt for information about fixed and know bugs) and OpenEditor 0.97 Beta build 51. I hope that some new features will be available this week.


Bug fix releases. SQLTools 1.4 Alpha build 12 and OpenEditor 0.97 Beta build 49.


SQLTools 1.4 Alpha build 9. It's near to Beta status. New features list is not available yet.


OpenEditor 0.97 Beta build 46. SQLTools 1.4 Alpha will be available this week.


SQLTools Beta. Bugs fixes. Small improvements.


OpenEditor 0.97 Beta build 28. Bug fix for detecting changed files. OpenEditor 0.97 Beta build 28 for Win95.


OpenEditor 0.97 Beta build 27. Bug fix for file manager and a special build for Win95.


OpenEditor 0.97 Beta build 26. New features, performance improvements, Win95/Win98 compatibility... It's less then I promised because it has been frozen for integration with SQLTools.


SQLTools Beta. Some improvements in "Object List" for tables/views. Probably it's a last 1.3.5.X build. I'm concentrating on 1.4.X.


I'm coming back, soon! I spend this weekend on my job again but no more overtime.


I'm changing the site because I need an easier way to put new stuff. Let me know if you have troubles.


SQLTools Beta. Bugs fixes. Setup has been replaced with to support direct links.


Guys! I'm sad, I've found a bug in the last release. The fix will be available tonight.


SQLTools Beta was updated. It works. A small bug fix but it's not related to new stuff. NOTE: If you upgrade SQLTools you should increase "Max Column Length" on "Settings"/"Grid" Page to get the benefit of new auto column resizing.


SQLTools Beta. A bunch small improvements, bugs fixes. I'm still testing this release so you can wait or try :). I'm wondering that I didn't do these changes 3-4 years ago. It's so easy and maybe I'll add local sorting for data grid w/o redesign it.


SQLExp is a small command line utility to export SQL query in comma delimited format (CSV). Maybe It'll be useful.


Not so many votes but it can be interesting.


SQLTools Beta. Improvements, bugs fixes.


OpenEditor 0.97 Beta build 5


SQLTools Beta. Bugs fixes.


OpenEditor 0.97 Beta. The first working release. The preview for SQLTools users ONLY :) !!! SQLTools Beta. Export to MS Excel (CVS format).


SQLTools Beta. Hot fix for compilation errors.


Serious bug - loss of functionality. See details.


SQLTools Beta. Hot fix for table DDL reengineering.


SQLTools Beta. Hot fix for a sql context-sensitive help.


OpenEditor is coming soon! SQLTools Beta & Bugs fixes.


Beta Forums have been started. Sorry, setup has been updated because a file was missed.


SQLTools Beta. Bugs fixes. I found a wonderful tool to make very compact installations. It's NSIS from Nullsoft.


SQLTools Beta. Bugs fixes.

17.04.2002 domain registration, new hosting, a new look


SQLTools Beta. Bugs fixes.


SQLTools Beta and Stable. Bugs fixes.


SQLTools Beta. Bugs fixes.


1.3.0.x branch has been frozen because 7.3.X and 8.0.X support has been dropped. 1.3.5.x branch has been launched. Two installations for and releases.


SQLTools Beta. Bugs fixes, 8.1.7 compatibility. OpenEditor 0.95 Beta. Work in progress, but too slow :(

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